Thursday, 23 May 2013

Picnic Table Sandpit Review

I love how versatile this item is, the boys were missing a sandpit from their garden but this ticked so many more boxes as they now have a lovely little place to sit down too.  If you’re short of space this is a fabulous product, combining two useful items in one.

It was very easy to construct, even youngest gave a helping hand using a screwdriver to “help”.  It was built in no time at all, which was handy as they do not have the patience to be kept waiting...

It looks like a quality product.  Being a wooden sandpit and picnic table in one it appears quite stylish, better than a plastic versions of the same sort of thing.  You can store a few sand toys safely inside, meaning they are not dotted around the garden making the place look untidy!

The sandpit is proving to be very popular, as soon as the sand arrived today, youngest was practically dragging me outside so he could get started making some mini sand castles.  After school eldest was keen to also get stuck in.  There is plenty of room for them both to play (or sit and eat a snack when its back to being a picnic table).  

The lid does not hold out water, but this does not really concern me as although the sand may get wet, at least its wet from rain rather than a cat using it as a toilet!

Although the beach is relatively close, an outdoor sandpit is my preferred option, so when it’s busy we can retreat to the back garden and not have to share our outside space.  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy your own peace and quiet as a family.  I think with this Picnic Table Sandpit being reduced to £47.99 (from £79.99) it is a great buy for the summer and a family essential for entertainment throughout the holidays.  I think I will have an easier time of it now I have this to keep them occupied.

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