Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Powering the mini monsters

I am trying to cut costs and the boys do not help with all their fancy toys with various sounds and flashing lights requiring a never ending supply of batteries.  If I actually wrote down how much I had spent keeping their toys in action I think I would cry! 

As the boys now receive a regular supply of new exciting toys to review batteries have become an important commodity in our house more than ever before.  But I could not continue to justify the costs involved; yes I want happy children but not at the cost of having to eventually re-mortgage the house…

So I have come to the conclusion some toys have it in for me, they do not think its enough to chomp through batteries like nobody’s business, they always run out at inopportune times, when you REALLY need them…

We have adorable Bigsby that helps youngest with his bedtime story and getting him settled.  Well mummy fail I had no batteries left and youngest sulked!  When he sulks you know about it, I think most certainly our neighbours know about it too… They are just too polite to say but he gets LOUD with his complaints about hardship you would think I was an awful mummy but in reality he just does not like it when he does not get his own way!  I want an easy life so keeping batteries stocked up and ready to go is pretty essential here.

Eldest even seems to go through plenty himself with his Wii session playdates.  I was looked at in complete disgust when some children had to SHARE (heaven forbid!) as I did not have any batteries available to furnish them all with controllers… so for his sake I also needed to get myself in gear!

I decided rechargeable batteries would be a step in the right direction, although initially they cost a little more (buying the charger itself) in the long run I knew it would be a much more sensible option!  I think my followers will be pleased to know toy testing can continue in the Missing Sleep household for the foreseeable future (and I have yet to join the breadline)…

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  1. I bought a charger and a supply of rechargeable batteries before my son was born, I knew what all the toys were like and have saved a fortune over the past few years.