Friday, 24 May 2013

Prezzo Review

We had the sheer delight of reviewing a three-course meal at the Italian restaurant Prezzo located in Oxford Street, Southampton.   From beginning to end it was a lovely experience, the staff were very attentive, the food was simply delicious and the atmosphere good (I liked the décor and the candle lit on our table). 

They became quite busy as our meal progressed but I did not feel we were hurried to finish our food, they were very helpful and knowledgeable about the menu and seemed to spend time with all of their customers not just us.  Recommending dishes and letting everyone know more about them.  I was surprised and impressed by how extensive the menu was; whatever your taste buds fancied would be well accommodated here. 

We had planned to eat out with our boys, but had a last minute change so that my sister in law and brother in law could eat with us instead, it was nice having a meal with the grownups and not having to encourage youngest to eat his dinner…

Although having spoken to the staff I think they are quite accommodating to children and have activity packs on hand to help keep them occupied and am sure even youngest would have happily eaten something off their children’s menu (they have Pepperoni Pizza after all whoop!).  At only £5.95 for three courses and a drink it’s somewhat of a complete bargain!

We were informed of the trio of wines (£10.95) offer, which gives you the chance to become a little more knowledgeable about wine.  Hubbie was driving and I am a very occasional drinker so we did not take advantage of the offer, but I think it is good value especially as you also get bread and olives alongside your three glasses of wine.

For our starter hubbie noticed the new small plates section of the menu and took a shine to the Mushroom Crostini and decided to order that. 

The prices of the small plates fit in line with a starters normal price.  Or you can order a selection of the small plates as your main and have a flavour of lots of different tastes.  I do like the flexibility of the menu.

Myself and my brother in law had the Bruschetta, I really enjoyed this, it tasted very fresh, full of flavour and authentic.  It was quite a large portion but still I was more mournful with every mouthful as it meant I was one bite closer to finishing it!     

I liked how quickly the starters came and how well presented they were, they looked appealing before you even took your first bite.

For our mains we ordered the Italian Burger, the Chicken Ravioli, the Roasted Duck Leg and for myself I choose the Chicken and Asparagus Risotto (so I could sample another of the new additions to the menu).

No guessing who ordered the Italian Burger… but as hubbie explained he had so many burgers while we were away he felt somewhat of a connoisseur.  He thought  that the burger was great but what made it the best burger he had ever had was the crispy prosciutto ham, so much better than the usual bacon addition!

The brother in law actually stopped talking until he finished his meal (so it must have been good!).  He said it was succulent and delicious and we got a break from hearing about camper vans...

Sister in law excited to get stuck in:

I enjoyed my risotto but after a while it got a bit samey, not that this is a criticism as such as I always seem to have this problem, maybe I should have ordered a smaller portion of risotto and then I would have been okay (or maybe my body was just trying to tell me to save room for dessert!).  Dessert is my favourite course after all...

We left with full happy tummies having had such a pleasant evening.  Thank you Prezzo, I am sure we will be back soon.

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