Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The DUPLO® VALLEY Splash and Play Opening Weekend

We have just come back from the most amazing day out at the new DUPLO® VALLEY Splash and Play.  I even braved donning my swimming costume to get splashing with my boys, how could I possibly miss out on all the fun!  

We were lucky the weather was on our side and we had a pleasant hour seeing the new area.  We were in very good company; a few celebrities were dotted around – Natasha Hamilton got a proper soaking in the Drench Towers!

The facilities are good, with a section to get changed and toilets (an improvement from trying to hide your children's dignity by juggling a towel whilst they get dressed!).  We came last year so can see the investment made into the area, its been completely revamped!  I thought it was quite good before, but now I think it is sensational. 

The wet play area is broken down into two sections the Splash Safari and Drench Towers (for the older children and adults!).  My boys liked seeing the chunky DUPLO animals and colourful bricks they love so much from their own sets at home.

It was very interactive, lots of wheels to turn to activate the water and buttons to press.  It appealed to their mischievous nature to give other children a sneaky soaking!  I myself got caught out a few times, but next time we visit I will watch from the sidelines as the Splash Safari seems a very safe water attraction and I would be more than happy to let them play there and enjoy a little freedom, whilst I watch the merriment (and stay dry!).  

Their was a helpful lifeguard on hand too, who pointed out where to activate different parts and kept an eye on the children, which was very reassuring.

Big smiley faces

Their cousins who are 7 and 9 adored the Drench Towers section; you do get very wet there!  So it’s quite a thrilling part of the resort!  1,200 litres of water get tipped from a giant DUPLO brick bucket atop a 10metre tower- so it will prove a refreshing way to cool off when it really heats up this summer… and there are plenty of water slides to enjoy too!

The new park (BRICKVILLE) is great, with ample space for lots of children to climb, crawl and explore.  Perfect for imaginative play as everything from a police station to a very pink princess castle to come up with stories.

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is such a fabulous place for children of all ages; they just seem instinctively to know how to develop the park to make it even more impressive and entertaining than before.  We are seasoned theme park visitors, but LEGOLAND® has that extra something, which really does make it stand out!  Plus the staff are so friendly, my boys were getting high fives all over the place…

I am sure we will be back again soon (and not just to get more cookies!).  Thank you for inviting us to a truly magical day!

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