Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Toadstool Plus Plus Review

We were sent the Plus Plus Mini Basic 250 piece pack.  It is good to keep children occupied, as the pieces are quite small, so takes them longer to manoeuvre them into position!  So they are not asking for the next thing to do so quickly…

They are interesting to build with as you can even make 3D creations.  The pack comes with a few ideas to get you started in the little booklet, but its fun just to let their imagination run wild and come up with whatever they fancy.  There were plenty of pieces so they could be shared out between them to keep them both entertained.

Eldest enjoyed making something and then playing with the creation afterwards, so dual purpose in terms of play.  For £9.50 I am surprised how long they have been amused with this set, it is excellent value and each piece is very sturdy.  Although each piece individually looks quite simple, together they can create some fairly impressive things. 

Here we have an early Father Christmas (just in case you need inspiration where to get your children’s presents from, we can highly recommend The Toadstool).

Daddy and eldest enjoyed making a bunny together, with a super sized carrot for him to munch on!

Youngest was just happy slotting random colours all together – but it kept him out of mischief for a while and helped develop his motor skills.

We do love The Toadstool, how else would we find such innovative toys!

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