Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Walkers New Baked Hoops And Crosses Arrive

We were sent a cheeky monkey and a packet of the new Roast Beef flavoured corn snack.  I thought they might go to war over who would get the monkey, but we managed to reach an amicable solution (just!).  I am not sure if the monkey had plans to hold onto the crisps for himself but he did not get that luxury!

It is a great tasting snack, although for some reason youngest preferred eating the hoops better than the crosses… even though they tasted exactly the same in my humble opinion! 

I think they are good for a spot of fun on a picnic; you can play the game noughts and crosses as a reward for them finishing their sandwiches, cucumber sticks and fruit salad (okay it’s a stretch getting all that down them but I live in hope!).  Children often need an incentive to eat the right things and a game they enjoy playing and the chance to munch up the playing pieces if they win that round could work wonders…

I would have loved to test out my theory, but the one pack was wolfed up before making it to our picnic today!  There are two other flavours in the collection, prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar.  But for me the main plus point is that they are wholemeal (well 56% wholegrain but who’s counting), I already have them on wholemeal bread, the other day I added rice and pasta, so naturally I am very pleased their crisps can follow suit.

So these got a big thumbs up from all the family, we love the novel shape, the taste was good and having 30% less fat than your average crisp might mean we get rid of daddies big tummy in no time!

The website is coming soon you can find it here.

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