Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Stylish Bump

Part of me gets nostalgic looking back at pictures of my boys younger or ones of my giant bumps even before they were born.  But I know I would not want anymore, children are a blessing but they can also be a lot of hard work!  So I packed up my maternity clothes and carted them off to the charity shop soon after my second was born. 

I was never particularly glamorous when I was pregnant; I had some maternity combats and mainly stretched all my old tops I already owned!!!  Looking back I thought I was being frugal but really I was making it more expensive for myself in the long run, ruining my perfectly decent clothes by stretching them completely out of shape…

It would have made more sense to buy maternity clothes from New Look.  I could have looked the part of a blooming mummy-to-be as they have such a lovely range and it’s all very affordable.  The few decent parts I had were donated from my kind sister-in-law but even with my budget at the time I could have afforded to splash out on some tops and even a dress or two at New Look prices.  The white Panda t-shirt at £7.99 is so sweet.  

Not sweet enough to convince me I need anymore babies mind!  #justsaying I could not do it again!  My two fight like pro wrestlers and I do not want to extend the squad.

I do wish though I had made the most of my bump at the time.  So if your currently pregnant but watching the pennies I think you can justify a little visit to New Look, your bump is quite the statement!  You want to picture it, remember it and dress it!  Before you know its long gone and your left with its very wobbly distant cousin…

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