Sunday, 16 June 2013

Leapfrog Learn Numbers & Shapes Review

The other day I was a little concerned how I would co-host the Skylanders SwapForce twitter party alongside dealing with my demanding but adorable four year old!  Well I picked him up from school, gave him lunch, enjoyed a quick board game, and then pressed play on the DVD.

We are fans of Leapfrog toys so had high hopes for the DVD.  Luckily it met my expectations, as he was completely absorbed!  I did not hear a peep from him until the DVD ended.  I was pleased I could get on with replying to all the tweets knowing he was not only content but also learning.

The characters are likeable, the stories interesting (for young ones) and some educational value behind it all, learning numbers and shapes.  It is broken down into three fun lessons, so you could just watch one a day if you think sitting through the entire DVD would be too overwhelming.  But my youngest would have proper sulked if I had not let him finish the three lessons in one sitting.  He had his blanket, his cuddlies and he was settled in for the duration!

The DVD being a 3 in 1 special bumper pack for only £9.99 is I think good value.  It is released on the 17th of June 2013 and will be available at all major retailers.

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