Sunday, 9 June 2013

Merci Maman for Fathers Day

Fathers day is very important, a special day for hubbie to feel appreciated by the boys (a day to make all the grumbles, fighting, whingeing seem worthwhile!).  Usually he is presented with an epic sized Toblerone bar, mainly because then I get to chomp on some of it too.  But that is rather selfish of me really; I think the dad’s in the world deserve something a little more original than a very repetitive formula of Toblerone bars each year.  This year he was exceptionally lucky, Merci Maman asked if he would like to review one of their fabulous personalised bracelets. 

He was pleasantly surprised when he saw the attractive gift box to open!  

Presentation is important when giving a gift, it makes the recipient feel appreciated and valued.  After all the nagging hubbie endures from the boys and me, it’s high time he had a unique treat just for himself.

He took his Father's Personalised Sterling Silver Open Disc bracelet out of the box and has been wearing it ever since.  He had a moment of concern when he saw how little the bracelet was and thought he had no hope of getting it on his wrist!  But with a slight adjustment of the sliding knots it fitted him perfectly, very easy to do. 

I love the simple but elegant style, as did hubbie.  The front of the bracelet had the message “We love you daddy”, which made hubbie smile, but he was even more thrilled to see the hidden message under the disc, with the names of our boys.  But you can choose to engrave it with whatever you think they would cherish most, a date of birth, personal message or something entirely different.

For a bracelet it is surprisingly masculine, I think the waxed cotton braid keeps it from being a fussy item to wear and the silver disc gives it just the right touch of luxury.  Hubbie had the black braid but there are nine colours available in total, so something suitable to everyone’s taste.

For £39.00 (with an extra £5 if you wanted the engraving on the reverse of the disc too) I would have happily paid this price.  I think I would not have thought to buy an item like this off my own back at first, but having seen how much hubbie likes it, I would encourage you all to consider personalised bracelets as a suitable gift for Father’s day.  Men are just as nostalgic and likely to want a treasured memento of the children they so love dearly as us mums would!

Father's day is next Sunday (the 16th), so you still have time to place a quick order.

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