Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mike the Knight Mission Set Review

My two have gone a little Mike the Knight crazy after avidly watching the live show twice in Butlins last week… 

Youngest keeps going round saying “yip and yap put those cakes down” and regally waving his arm!  So least with this review he can be even more knightly donning the helmet and brandishing his sword (which is foam and therefore I feel a lot safer when he is wielding it around, I took a few direct hits and survived to tell the tale!).

For £14.99 it is a good value set, the helmet in particular seems quite sturdy and well made.  The visor is quite fun, although youngest was comical trying desperately to eat his chewy bar through the gaps in it rather than take it off.  He loved the helmet too much to actually want to remove it!

The chin strip ensures the helmet stays on safely so they can still see where they are going!  After all knights need to have a clear view of impending dragon attacks… (Unless of course you’re closest friends are actually dragons!).

Into battle...

I think not only fans of the show would love this, but also children who enjoy dressing up and imaginative play.

Available to buy from the Character Options website and perfect to complement the full range of Mike the Knight products.

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