Thursday, 20 June 2013

My highlight

I look forward to seeing a delivery van pull up; it’s actually the highlight of my day.  I bet your all wondering why; well I know it’s likely to include something to review… before I started blogging the post was just a series of boring bills but lately it is so much more fun!  Today we have a selection of Doctor Who toys and a Kids music CD (to get our grove on!) for when youngest has finished watching his Tom and Jerry film, these will certainly help us wile away the afternoon nicely before we go and collect the eldest.  A little dance session will burn off some more of his relentless energy levels!

Filling days can be hard with my youngest scamp only at school for two short hours!  We tend to go out for walks; library visits and he has the occasional play date with his mates.  But today the weather is a little glum so I am so pleased I have something nice to entertain him with!  He had a huge meltdown earlier because I could not carry him any longer, my poor hips felt like they would fall off, so distraction is the key for a peaceful afternoon I think…

Looks like Doctor Who gets the thumbs up!

So Parcelforce I salute you for bringing a little merriment to my life, sad as it sounds without you raising my two would be even harder.  Tea and cake does not take the edge off a full-scale explosive screaming session like it used too!  Luckily the last parcel for me was my Tasty Little Numbers t-shirt ready for this weekend at Britmums.  

It cheered me up no end, a weekend of learning all about blogging, meeting some dear blogging friends and maybe a sneaky glass of wine or two - the thought of all that is VERY restorative.

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