Friday, 14 June 2013

News of Another Competition

You all know I am quite partial to a competition, I think that’s why I enjoy hosting them so often for you guys.  I have found another that would appeal to hubbie, who thinks he’s some kind of uber gamer… so I might have to enter for him it would make a great present or a great incentive to get him to do some overdue household maintenance (yes hubbie you heard, now FIX that SINK!).

But I think even I would be quite tempted too with it being a 80’s retro gaming bundle prize it would be a good trip down memory lane!  Although the boys would snaffle away the cuddlies straight away, they adore Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Sonic so I would not get a look in at them.  Eldest is already taking after daddy and getting into gaming in a BIG way so I think the set would appeal to him too.  Am sure youngest will soon follow suit and then I will be living in a house with three gaming boys, probably hosting LAN gaming parties... give me strength!

I just tweeted it was so quick and easy to enter I thought it would be rude not too!  Even if your not very twitter savvy it was simple enough.  Follow and re-tweet, easy as pie!

All the information including a list of the lovely prizes are on their competition post.  Now is the time to start winning prizes you can hoard away till Christmas.  The more the better, as I am sure we are all feeling the pinch these days!  The last thing we want is Father Christmas really just turning up with some coal and a Satsuma...

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