Thursday, 27 June 2013

Parragon Book Buddy Our Review

Whilst at BritMums I spotted the lovely Parragon bookstall, lured in by the enticing display of cakes and then by the opportunity to be a member of their blogger book review club.  Each month you are sent two books to review, if you would like to register yourself and you have your own blog but missed BritMums you can do so by emailing them at

We had Goodnight Little One by Margaret Wise Brown (RRP £6.00) and an advance copy of Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs by Giles Paley-Phillips in our pack.  

My youngest was best suited to the first book, being four it was nice to help settle him off to sleep calmly!  With all the animals in the book one by one snuggling down for their own bedtime.  My youngest can be a little wild even at bedtime, so I need a lovely book like this to encourage him to nestle down into his duvet, close his eyes and drift off to sleep.  If I read him something too action packed he would be all over-excited again and then it would be round 2 of trying to soothe him off again!  Come bedtime mummy needs them to go off to sleep nicely!

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs was popular with my dinosaur mad elder son, he is six and enjoyed spotting dinosaurs on each page.  The illustrations are fabulous for a child, very colourful and entertaining such as seeing dinosaurs crossing their legs desperate to use the toilet or posing in their sunglasses!  As I have to come to expect with a lot of Giles Paley-Phillips books you do get a little token dark undercurrent, not to scary just always something to add a bit more bite to his books!  I thought perhaps this was an exception but the last page had a certain something!  The UK edition will be published in August, so not too long to wait.

Two fabulous books for my boys, thank you Parragon for letting me review these (and for the cakes!).

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