Monday, 10 June 2013

Pining for a better phone

Sadly my phone is still a mini brick with no picture taking or internet capabilities, what is worse I am attending a big blogging conference soon where everyone will no doubt be brandishing the latest shiny gadgets and tweeting to their hearts content.  Luckily I have managed to persuade hubbie to loan me his more capable phone but I would rather try and win my own phone, especially when the prize in question is either an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S4 (it would be even nicer than his phone then!).

I do have a penchant for entering competitions; I just do not have as much time to do it since I started blogging more regularly.  The competition has to be quite special for me to squeeze time into my schedule to enter it.  But the prize here is more than worthy!  That and its quite good fun to play, getting the chance to relive snake retro style and get entered into the prize draw!  What I like most though is that the winner will not be based on the highest score but picked randomly… otherwise you find you’re against some crazy unbeatable score where those at the top of the leader board are snake playing fiends - latest top score at time of writing was 1579063).  My score a feeble 1384 is not going to see me getting a sniff at the big guys … I am sure my four year old could do a MUCH better job than that!

The video gives you a taster of what the game is all about, very simple to play but very addictive nonetheless.

I would love to win though as the other night I was out with some girly friends and my phone was the butt of a fair few jokes, it is not sleek and sophisticated and they said it looked like a taser… on the plus side with a phone this pants least I would show real gratitude if I won!  I am not sure why I am letting you know about the competition I should really be keeping hush so I have more chance of winning (cue evil laughter!).  But if you are tempted to win a new phone then enter the competition here.

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