Sunday, 2 June 2013

Room for Improvement: Our New Bedroom

We were challenged by MoneySupermarket to take part in the “Room for Improvement” competition, spending only £50 in the process.  We had done a fair bit of decorating a short while back but neglected finishing our own bedroom as money ran out!  So this was the perfect motivation to return to that room and try and give it a little lift…

It was very chocolate in colour, with the curtains and the bedding.  With our lovely new ottoman bed being black, we decided to change tack and use that as our inspiration instead. 

So out with the non-existent light fitting, stapled curtains (yes really, hubbie decided to drag out both thin curtains into one darker set attached by staples to block out the light, practical yes, stylish most certainly NOT!) and brown tired (and badly in need of an iron, sorry!) bedding.  In its place we ordered the Mei Black Duvet Set, Living Joy light fitting and some simple black curtains.  Luckily the bedding and curtains were on a special offer, which helped stretch the money.  I wish I was more talented and could have made the bedding and curtains myself but sadly I struggle to sew on a button never mind do anything more ambitious.

Regardless it is quite amazing how much you can change a room with a limited budget (and my non-existent needlework skills).   The light fitting was relatively cheap but makes more of a focal point; the shiny droplets are very modern and create an impact (for the right reasons for a change!).

The room could still do with a lick of paint, but hubbie is on strike at the moment!  So at least the light fitting catches my eye and distracts me from the little niggles we still need to sort out.  But this is already a huge improvement and I am just most pleased we have ditched the staples and put that design creation swiftly behind us… the new curtains are still quite thin but at least the right shade for the room!

Unfortunately the bedding set we ordered did not arrive in time so will just have to share the stock picture for now.  I can add in an actual picture as soon as it arrives showing how well it contemplates the final look.

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  1. Haha stapled curtains - sounds like a masterplan my OH would have too! Love the grey tones you've picked I bet the new bedding will look lovely in situ too.