Monday, 24 June 2013

Sick of the MESS

Woe is me, we have just been upstairs and seen one of our two children has not so kindly redecorated one of the bedroom walls, with possibly a pencil!  Well we found what could be the instrument of the crime stashed in the bathroom, so am assuming it is a pencil.  It has marked a huge expanse of the wall anyway; sometimes I really wonder WHY we bother decorating in the first place, all that expense and inconvenience just for the boys to bring their own brand of distress back to the house…

Even our sofa is not looking quite as nice and new as it did, the boys have been bouncing on it, chucking the cushions and jumping behind it… soon it will be as distressed as the walls (and me, I think I am getting more grey hairs daily!).  I have my eye on another sofa I quite like but I will not indulge my love of comfy seats until the boys have left home!  I seriously cannot cope with wasting another penny on sorting this house until they head off to university!  Surely by then when they come home for (short) holidays they will be house trained and respectful (or is that a wishful thinking?), my desire for a sofa from will have to be on hold! 

One day I may yet shop at until then I shall dream of tidy rooms, that smell nice (not of boys smelly socks and damp clothes from the beach!), tastefully decorated with pretty ornaments (currently ornaments are free game, considered extra toys for the boys to play with, to be dragged around and added to action play!).  When life is not a constant struggle for space with a million soft toys and a generous portion of plastic ones I shall have a sofa and house to be proud of!  Until then I will just be proud of my two scamps… I just need to get to the bottom of who was the culprit in the incident “the pencil in the bedroom” case!  Bets on which one it might have been?  They both look quite innocent tucked in here with daddy watching Harry Potter.

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