Monday, 17 June 2013

Slowing getting no-where

It seems to take my youngest absolutely ages to walk anywhere, we have to stop along the way and introduce ourselves to anyone going in the same direction, pat dogs (after checking first with the owner that they are nice dogs of course!) and look for clues (a favourite pastime, where they make up a story about anything they find along the way, "that bit of rubbish was eaten by a GIANT!").

It’s all part of growing up showing an interest in your environment and interacting with people and animals, but sometimes you need to get somewhere in a hurry!  But there is always some nook and cranny they can find to hide in or something to do to drag their heels.

If you take too long the library closes or you’re late (again) for a soft play session in the leisure center.  I still have not built up the confidence to drive our car, I passed my driving test yonks ago but have never taken the children out anywhere in it!  So I guess the next best thing would be to get a little bike trailer and take hubbie’s bike out of the shed!  The bike has not seen the light of day in a long time, I am not sure I am ready to face the spiders most likely very much at home in the cobwebs all over it!  But its time to get out and about with purpose!  The alternative is carrying and I do get some odd looks for carrying my strapping four year old!  My poor hips creak under the strain of it… seriously he will probably be found in a Rugby scrum when he gets older! has some good options.  I must admit I am quite partial to the Weehoo iGo2 Pro so one of my boys could help out with the pedaling then!  

I will never be late for anything again and I might have really impressive thigh muscles.  Just imagine the looks of the other mums at school, as I arrive on time and not looking harassed for a change.

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