Thursday, 20 June 2013

Snap up a Panasonic Lumix TZ40

I really want a new camera; we have one but its quite old and dated now.  It does not take the best pictures anymore.  I think letting the boys use it might not have been one of my wisest decisions.  It has been dropped, thrown and grabbed (as they fight over who’s turn is next) repeatedly.  I am surprised the poor thing has not given up the will to work at all!

I think its time to upgrade to a new model with some fancy features, so I can capture all those special moments as my two grow up.  Finding a camera I like with some many on the market can be tricky.  I am not very technical, I based my last purchase decision on the colour, it was pink and I fancied something quite vibrant at the time. 

But I think I need to put more thought into what I buy this time, although having seen the video for the Panasonic Lumix TZ40 I must admit I am tempted to get one of these.  

The video made me giggle and humour can be one way to get myself to part with hubbie’s hard earned cash.  Although if I caught hubbie taking some snaps of other sunbathers I think I would do some serious sulking!  It does effectively highlight the 20x optical zoom mind.

I love how versatile this camera is, wherever in the world you travel, whatever activities you decide to undertake this camera will help you record those treasured memories!  Even the fast paced ones, I too would end up going flying in the snow.  My skiing skills were a comic highlight for many on a holiday in Finland a few years ago.

The wi-fi capabilities are a huge advancement on my old camera, this might help improve my social media skills, I could take pictures and transfer it to my mobile (well hubbie’s mine is still prehistoric) then add them to my facebook and twitter feeds, rather than faffing about with all my wires (I seem to spend a huge portion of my day trying to find them!).

I am off to find out more about the competition to win one.

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