Monday, 17 June 2013

Squeezing in a thank you

When I first had my boys it is quite an adjustment, getting used to the lack of sleep, dealing with nappies (and escaping streams of wee and projectile poo going up their back!) and non-stop bottle making of course!  I tried breastfeeding but really struggled; actually to be fair the first time round I found everything a struggle.  I had quite a difficult delivery (with LOTS of stitches) and the adjustment to everything seemed to take longer because of it, hubbie ran around training me in everything whilst I tried to get better and learn everything before he went back to work.

In that time you have so many lovely well meaning people visiting, sending cards, dropping off presents.  My mum raised me well and so saying thank you for everything was drummed into me (even if I'm hallucinating as I was so tired dealing with a newborn!).  But the last thing you need is to hand write lots of cards with all the important information everyone wants to know (name, date of birth and weight, weight especially, the bigger the more they can breathe in quickly in sympathy!).  My eldest was 8lb 11.5oz and that got a few compassionate looks but I know people have birthed MUCH bigger babies, very brave ladies out there!

Little One Prints is a great website if you wanted something quick and easy, so everyone is happy (including my mum) and you do not get too exhausted in the process of letting everyone know your happy with their kind gift!  They get to have a cute picture to keep of the lovely new baby too.  I wish I had done something like this, instead I think I wrote endless cards… to be honest its all a little fuzzy now, its amazing how quickly you forget those crazy first few months with a newborn in tow!

Although second time round the birth was easier so I coped better!  Phew.

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