Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taking it to extremes

I am a constant worrier.  When the boys were little I baby proofed to the extreme, I had a toilet lock, a fridge lock, padded little cushions on any nasty looking corners of furniture, little plastic things to add onto the top of doors to stop them closing on tiny fingers and I only ever half filled my cup of tea as I was forever concerned about scalding.  My parents do still grumble when they visit, as I have not managed to kick this habit and always offer them a teeny serving of tea!

I think if I could have I would have kept the boys bubble wrapped until they got past the inquisitive stick everything in their mouth stage, especially with them tumbling all over the place learning to walk.  Or perhaps had them kitted out in a hard hat at all times, like my youngest in the picture, I would have gladly done so, anything to help with avoiding serious injury!  

Although it does surprise me how robust little ones are, I think they cope so much better than I do.  I am sure my worrying does not do me any good, but remarkably so far my blood pressure readings are always on target!!!  But when I looked around each room in the house, I always just saw one hazard after another, the iron cord, the TV to be pulled down, sharp items in the kitchen drawers…

I did my best to limit the danger with my baby proofing measures but even with the best intentions sometimes little accidents happen.  My son fell downstairs once at my parents and my heart sank, he miss-judged his step and it was awful seeing him tumble.  I was really worried in case he had an injury to the head; luckily he ended up falling like a stuntman and aside from a little shock was quickly back to his usual self!

So of course an essential item is baby gates especially on stairs!  Until they learn to hurdle over them but before that happens they are a MUST buy.  My biggest concern at the moment is the new blinds we have, I am doing something quite elaborate with the cord so it does not go anywhere near them, although I think it would be easier to just invest in chain safety boxes to keep the cord away from them.  Frankly given how much I have blown over the years on baby proofing, what is a few more pounds to spend!

How did you approach baby proofing?

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