Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Trash Pack Extravaganza

We were sent a fabulous selection of ALL things The Trash Pack related.  A t-shirt to wear, a bag to store treasures, games to play, a magazine to read, a colouring book to get creative with and Trash Pack characters to squish and admire in their little dustbins…

My boys were beyond excited!!!  The Trash Pack seems to be growing in popularity and the increase in related merchandise goes to show just how much.  If your children are fans of the figures its nice to know you can develop the theme and include all the other bits too.

Dash for Trash (RRP £14.99) was an entertaining game from IDEAL; it was simple enough for both boys to play but quite good fun.  You can play with any of your own Trash Pack collectables but it does come with four figures anyway.  I love how it brings another dimension to your collection, if you have a favourite already, they can be the piece you move around the board.  They are playing it nicely together now, its quite refreshing seeing them doing this.  Gives mummy and daddy a chance to actually talk and unwind a little without constant refereeing…

Eldest and daddy made their own game with the Trashie Families Card Game called “digging in the trash”, I am not quite sure of the in’s and out’s of it, but suffice to say it kept them out of mischief for awhile.  But you can play it following the instructions too.  It is a handy pack size to take away on holiday, so if it rains you have something to keep them engaged.

The Gross Gang Colouring Book by Parragon with an RRP of £2.99 is good value to keep fans occupied.  With sixty gross characters to colour, they can hopefully get their grot fix doing that, rather than spend their time happily informing you they have picked their own nose…

The trading cards by Giromax were met with enthusiasm, they like seeing the filth factor scores each of the characters had.  They used them to play a top trumps type of game, winning the card if their character was the most stinky, rotten, gross or pukey!  Charming I know but boys will be boys!

The Trashies themselves by Flair are quite individual and cool to own.  I like squishing them myself, but the boys enjoy that they are to do with rubbish and like storing them away in their dustbins at the end of a play session!  They have funny names and the boys make up lots of stories about them.  Over 2 million have been sold, so Trashies are slowly integrating themselves into society, you have been warned… with 200 to collect it could become an expensive hobbie!

My son was keen to get wearing the t-shirt straight away, even though it was for children aged 7 and swamped him a little!  He thought the design was awesome.  It felt like a good quality t-shirt and one fans would want to get their hands on!

The rucksack by Trademark Collections was snapped up by my youngest.  It is on the small side but perfect for him (aged 4).  Just the right size for him to carry his precious things but not quite big enough for a full time school bag (with the PE kit, packed lunch and other random stuff they like to stash in there).

The selection I was sent has something to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets.  Some great pocket money buys with the trading cards and foil bag trashies.  If your child has not yet been initiated into the world of The Trash Pack, am sure it won’t be long.  Whilst they play you can explain more about recycling, waste and decaying items – making it an educational experience too!

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