Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Time for another eBay blitz

Hubbie and I have a joint eBay account; it has been used fairly regularly over the years.  Helping to bring in a much-needed couple of pounds here and there.  Lately I have been selling the odd item locally through facebook but to be honest people in this area seem to have less disposable income, so I think its time for me to go back to eBay and quick for its much wider audience to find our items (and pay a reasonable price for them!). 

I had been putting it off as I find figuring out postage too much of a brain ache, but it seems easier now with plenty of advice and different options through Royal Mail eBay delivery.  Even I can work it out surely!  Usually I do tend to rely on my hubbie, he always seems so capable… but I need to show him that I can manage perfectly well myself. 

I am a fan of Royal Mail, I love seeing the little red van pull up and having a chat with my friendly postman!  He has seen me looking knackered and stressed out with the two boys running a muck and always given me a cheery smile and a joke to improve my spirits!

Being at my friends at the weekend and seeing how they very cleverly have a eBay selling box, ready and waiting each time there is a free listing day.  I have been inspired to do the same.  Now I just need to fill it...

So today I shall be going around the house picking the odd thing the boys have outgrown or no longer need.   This is just SOME of the MANY toys they seem to have all over the place...

Hubbie will be pleased to see me taking an active interest in de-cluttering!  I am currently on the bad housewife list; this morning he had NO breakfast (as there was only enough milk for the boys and no bread!).  So I have a lot of making up to do.

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  1. Ang_ThisisLife26 June 2013 at 15:39

    lol it's a clever idea. Although I think I'll need at least 5 Ebay or even Car Boot sale boxes *cringe*