Thursday, 13 June 2013

Very #Hungry2Happy Challenge

The other day we went straight from school to the opticians for their annual checkups, they were running a little behind so we went to the park first.  Then by the time we had our appointments and got home again it was getting late for dinner, the boys were famished and starting to get grumpy!  We needed something quick and easy for them to eat.  Fortunately I had picked up my Richmond Mini Meatballs to review that day and what a blessing in 8 minutes they were cooked and ready to be eaten up by two very hungry boys.  They can be fussy at times like a fair amount of children of this age, but they had no trouble with these.

Hubbie made a few variants, so we could see the true potential of Richmond Mini Meatballs in action.  They work well with a whole range of meal ideas!  Given the speed of preparation and cooking, they are perfect to have in for when you are all rushed off your feet and need something in your tummy quickly.  My boys are quite like me; if I am hungry I am awful to be around they too soon get argumentative and their mood deteriorates until they are topped back up.

We had a pasta sauce and meatballs meal

Meatball wraps with barbecue sauce and cheese inside (YUM!)

And just because everyone loves a smiling face - beans and a jacket with meatballs!

All three meal idea's were ready in record speed!  What a relief to have everyone fed again and smiles restored.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs

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