Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fighting Fit

I have joined a gym, I would love to say I got the motivation from deep inside myself but I mainly did it in response to the Gym for the Win campaign by MoneySupermarket! 

If a month ago someone would have said I would be willingly heading to the local Leisure Centre for a workout or gym session I would have laughed hard at them!  But so far that is what I am doing, I have surprised myself and actually found it enjoyable.  The workout sessions especially with the easy camaraderie with the other girls was a welcome bonus.  The aches and pains seem more forgiving when you feel you have a purpose, its nice heading out in the morning to do something other than the weekly food shop!

Every time I sneeze, cough or laugh I am in pain!  But its early days and as the month unfolds I hope to become fitter and stronger.  I might even be tempted to splash out on some fancy new gym gear to look the part.  After all the other girls seem to fit in quite well, with their lycra offerings and their intimate knowledge of all the positions (seriously the Lizard where do you go with that? – I looked very confused and the instructor and the other girls took pity on me and helped me through all the moves!).   I have also managed to fall off the exercise bike twice too!  Pedalling and lifting myself off the bike and leaning forward all at the same time was just too much for my poor co-ordination!

The gym is well equipped but I am a little naughty I tend to stick to my favourite machines (the running and rowing machines) and ignore the others.  Am hoping my confidence builds and I experiment more soon. 

I do feel like I have more energy, I am not flagging in the middle of the day like you used too.  I think if you have not considered joining perhaps taking MoneySupermarket up on their offer and send them an email to see if they need any more bloggers? I am so pleased I did, thanks to their push I have found a new hobby and new friends.

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  1. Helen Sims The good life mum18 July 2013 at 18:35

    you dont need to join a gym you look Hot, says me munching chocolate biscuits