Thursday, 4 July 2013

Finding your Playmobil voice

I mentioned on facebook about becoming one of the Playmobil Playologist chosen few (meaning another shiny badge for my blog too whoop!).  Our welcome pack came with two little sets to whet our appetite.  My boys love characters; they might not always play them in their chosen roles but they do come up some interesting tales for them!  Often involving power-ups (in the shape of any teeny tiny food they can get their hands on like the carrot and cabbages here) and long drawn out battling scenes… even the most sedate looking figures get involved! 

So our new kindly looking sheep farmer better prepare herself, as she too might find herself facing combat very soon – she will be furnished with new super powers to help her!  Her basket of vegetables may well transform into a weapon to brandish!  Sometimes I wish my two played a little more calmly, but boys will be boys.  Why sit down for a nice tea party when you can wrestle instead?!?

Although youngest does love his kisses!

Now I just need to try and get their attention for long enough to come up with an entry for the  fabulous Voice of Playmobil competition before the deadline of the 4th of August.

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