Thursday, 4 July 2013

Frankie & Benny’s Specials Menu

It is always fun to review a restaurant; I love food and even more when I am offered a voucher to sample the menu for free!  We visited the Telford branch, and as I have come to expect with Frankie and Benny’s restaurants the place had a pleasant atmosphere and was bustling with happy diners.

I cannot believe how fast our mains arrived.  Basically blink and your food was presented in front of you!  I do not think in all the meals I have eaten out I have ever been served that fast.   I think they must have roped in Speedy Gonzales as the chef cooking up a storm.

We ordered off the Specials Menu, which is very well priced.  I think two courses for £10.95 is good value.  My husband went for the Ranch Burger

I settled for the Philly Chicken & Bacon Wrap

Both meals were quite generous portions, but I felt my wrap was missing the smothering of cheese sauce it promised and had been over filled with onions instead!  I quite like onions don’t get me wrong but it was the over-riding flavour from the wrap and I would have liked to taste the cheese and the chicken in there too!  I finished my meal so it was not a complete disaster, I can tolerate onions but if the description promises lots of cheese, lots of cheese is what I am after when I pick it!

Luckily desserts came up trumps.  Hubbie had the Salt Caramel Cheesecake and was very complimentary about it and as a connoisseur of cheesecakes that is high praise indeed!

I had the Banoffee Brownie, which was very tasty, a good-sized portion and an indulgent treat!  Just right for my sweet tooth.

We had the boys with us and we ordered off the children’s menus for them and I was even more impressed with what they had on offer and the decent prices.  It does not hurt you are also given a little pack to keep them occupied, helps them sit at the table nicely for a change… 

We shall be back!  If you fancy having a nose over the specials menu yourself you can do so here.

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