Friday, 26 July 2013

Jack The Giant Slayer DVD Review

As it’s rated a 12 hubbie and I settled down to watch this ourselves, with a box of toffee to share we quite happy!  From the beginning it’s filled with magic (in the shape of a crown forged to control the giants), adventure, story telling and legends of giants sent back to place of birth, not able to return to Earth!

Little Jack asks, “How do you know giants aren’t real?” His dad replied, “I don’t!”  Quality parenting just before bed!  Made me laugh, I can just imagine the reaction my boys would have had if I said stuff like that!

A poor farm boy and a princess grow up having the same story about the giants.  I love the different approach, I like the changes in the story that we have heard a million times so a little variety is very welcome.  Makes it feel like a whole new tale.

Selling a horse and cart in the castle instead of a cow.  Once there he is protective of a lady who then transpires to be the princess (disguised so she can watch the pantomime) seeing her being bothered by a group of guys, he tries to defend her honour but then her royal guards come to her aid.  It’s the start of a romantic undercurrent in the film, which is quite sweet.  As the princess was promised to a much older gentleman and part of a villainous duo, intent of ruling the kingdom.  But all she wants us freedom and adventure, a chance to follow her heart.  Thankfully Jack is more than up for the challenge!

It is a good film, keeps you going with the momentum of the story, not slow paced in the slightest.  Again the different take on it makes it more appealing and the special effects are great, the giants look quite menacing and realistic, I was half expecting the usual format, Jack and one giant not a whole army of them!  Romance, action, humour all bundled in one exciting film, well worth a watch, just stick to around the age limit as the giants do like chomping on sheep and people, they are quite blood thirsty!

Iwan McGregor getting made into a sausage roll by a festering nose picking giant chef and the Princess about to be turned into some other delicacy, was a highlight!  Forget Jack though I would hold out for a rescue from Iwan McGregor myself ;)

Available to buy for £10 from Amazon.

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