Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Knitted Bootie Owl Slippers Review

I was lucky to be asked to review for find me a gift, I could have picked something for the kids, but this time I thought it would be quite nice to have something for me.  The boys have enough toys, time for me to have an indulgence.

Once I set eyes on the Knitted Bootie Owl Slippers, the matter of choosing what to review was quickly settled.  I love everything Owl at the moment!  Plus I am prone to liking my comfort in the house, to relax and snuggle in for the evening!  So padding around in these comfy slippers is a highlight… especially as I am still aching all over from my first workout at the gym in years!

The slippers look sweet and my feet feel so cosy in them.  I wish I could wear them ALL the time; they would quickly replace my trainers as my footwear of choice.  But as I do like them so much, I will obviously use them indoors as intended so they last and last.  Come winter I will enjoy having these to hand even more, but with the weather having gone colder they are still very suitable at the moment.  But even in the height of summer (if we have one?) I will not want to part with them!

The item has lots of very positive reviews and I am in complete agreement with them!  The slippers fit so well I have no trouble going up and down the stairs in them, my old slippers seemed a little loose and I was worried about tripping down the stairs!  So I stopped wearing them, my trusty owl slippers are an ideal replacement.  I am a size six and these are one size (from 4-7), I think if you have size 7 feet you might find them a little tight, but my feet were well accommodated.

I must admit I have happy feet again, no longer regretting the cold wooden floors everywhere and yearning for some warm fluffy carpet to walk on…

Available to buy for £19.99, an affordable and favoured gift for lovers of comfort or as a treat for yourself!