Friday, 5 July 2013

Mathseeds Review

I was quite pleased to have a code to review this.  I was at a lose what to do today, youngest had a meltdown to rival all meltdowns and I put my foot down and decided he could no longer meet up with his friend.  He needed to learn no means no and if his behaviour does not improve he will miss out on fun treats along the way.  But I still have a long afternoon to fill when the tantrum finally ended.  I thought it would be a good time to try out Mathseeds.

We are already big fans of Reading Eggs, so it’s nice to develop mathematical ability now.  The lessons were very colourful, interesting and varied so it kept his attention throughout.  It meant we had something nice to do together and could put the earlier tantrum firmly behind us.

The characters are engaging with funny voices and the occasional ditty.  Mid way through one of the lessons there was an opportunity to paint pictures with a magic brush, this little break from learning re-energised him to carry on.  There is lots of do outside the lessons too, as a treat they can head to the playroom or the arcade for plenty of fun.  But the lessons are so well developed and appealing that youngest was quite happy in that section anyway.

Lots of motivation is built into Mathseeds, the cracking acorns at the end of a lesson are quite exciting as children like seeing what will pop out!  Then it usually does an entertaining few actions for you to enjoy, like kissing the screen or falling over!  Youngest watches them again and again laughing loudly.

He is learning the spelling of numbers, which is helpful as usually he just recognises the number only.  Each segment of the lesson is quite small, so you can stop at any time if your child has done enough and their progress is saved till next time.  If your child struggles to remain focused you can slowly build up to more segments till eventually they can complete a lesson in one sitting.  We did two today but he was so keen to see what popped out of the next acorn he refused to stop after one.  It is quite addictive but with an educational focus.

Use the code UKB25MST for an extended trial.

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