Monday, 8 July 2013

OLPRO Camping Range

We do not have a tent yet, we will, Father Christmas might even bring us one if we are lucky (he could fill the boys presents inside for the surprise element!).  Then we can head off on lots of family adventures in the great outdoors.  To be prepared we will need some nice new sleeping bags to help keep us comfortable, warm and even stylish!  Yes I know stylish and sleeping bag are generally not words you see wrapped up together, but believe it or not OLPRO have somehow pulled it off. 

We were sent the Berrow Hill sleeping bag to review, the inner print design is very eye catching and appropriate to camping and being outside, with little barbecue’s, sausages, wildlife, tree’s and other delights (I will leave you to buy your own to find out about everything else on there!).

The sleeping bag came in a handy bag complete with drawstring, making packing that bit easier.  We have not mastered travelling light yet (we may never!), so anything that can be compressed down is all the better!

The boys adore their new sleeping bag, they keep arguing over who gets first dibs to snuggle into it.

But its plenty big enough for them to share, opened out over them both they can watch TV in complete cosiness!  I just need to work on the sharing...

The £34.99 price is justified by a well-made silky soft product, camping does not need to be drab and dreary, OLPRO can bring some much needed colour!  Even if it were gloomy and raining (I live in Wales so that's pretty much guaranteed ) seeing the sleeping bag in all its glory would lift your spirits.

With the sleeping bags sorted you cannot go camping with any old plates either, you need something equally gorgeous.  The OLPRO melamine sets mean you can dine with a bit of panache.  Seeing as this will be our first time camping and we are used to staying at hotels, glamping has to be the way to go!  Thanks OLPRO for making it possible to camp glamorously with their co-ordinated range.

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  1. Ang_ThisisLife9 July 2013 at 09:59

    This looks ever so comfy and stylish I wouldnt mind one for myself ho!