Monday, 15 July 2013

Our #HaveaCraftParty box with @ukmumstv has arrived

It was exciting today when a big package descended on us; youngest had a good rifle through, picking his favourite bits and hassling me to let him make a start on the sweets.  I said if he let me take a picture of the contents first he could try one of each (bribery and corruption all the way!).

Seeing everything laid out has made me even more excited ready for the 25th of July, if you fancy joining us please do between 4pm and 6pm following the hashtag #HaveaCraftParty.  You can try your luck at winning a craft set over on their website in the meantime to get into the spirit of all things crafty!

I have reviewed the Pirate Party set already with great success, so will be fun getting more children involved!  I am looking forward to seeing what the Mad About Ponies Party set has to offer.  But going on the quality of the other set I am sure we are in for a treat.  Youngest has invited two of his (many) girl friends to help him with the Ponies.  Eldest is looking forward to getting up to pirate antics with his own mates.

Following the twitter feed is always fun seeing how the party hosts survive with a houseful of lively children and of course there are online spot competitions to enter throughout the party so make sure your following @ukmumstv ready for them!

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  1. Ohhh exciting!! There looks a lot of goodies there!