Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Our #haveacraftparty owned!

You will be pleased not only did hubbie and myself survive the craft party we also both enjoyed it!  The party whizzed by so fast we ended up keeping our guests for another 45 minutes!  Unheard of I know, voluntarily keeping four extra children at a party, I would have thought pre party that would not be happening EVER but the time went in a happy blur of busy activities…

These Craft Sets by Interplay really do make parties a breeze!  As you can see from our pictures we had plenty of happy smiling faces.  I think for £19.99 each set its incredible value, as you do not have to think about entertaining children as much as you would normally, plenty in each set to keep six children out of mischief!  

Pirate hats once made and donned add that certain character to the party!  Cue fabulous pirate faces:

Being a pirate is exhausting!  Time to top up energy reserves.

I would like to see some more sets developed for boys, a dinosaur set especially!  As there were plenty of pink sparkling sets, luckily I had a party attended by two girls too otherwise I might have struggled to choose which boy went home with the Treasure Box and Fairy Princess Party!  But the Mad about Ponies Party Set was very appealing for boys thankfully.  

Having the game incorporated into the craft set was a good idea too; the little rosettes were especially well received.  Children love feeling proud of their achievements!  Our best turned out pony winner:

Then when it comes to the party end, you can let them take home what they have made or painted, meaning you do not have to blow a small fortune on expensive party bag contents!!!  This is a HUGE plus for me, as sometimes I spend over £5 on each child in attendance, which seems excessive!  You could add lollies to each treasure chest they made in the Pirate Party and honestly they seemed pleased as punch just discovering that.  So if I invested in a set I would be up on money and the children would be entertained what more could you ask for really!

If you’re wondering what to do for your child’s next party, look no further than Interplay!

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