Monday, 29 July 2013

Sammy’s Great Escape DVD Review

It has been nice for my two lovely boys to escape the hot weather with this fabulous DVD and enjoy some sweets on the sofa to mark the start of the summer holidays!  The boys, hubbie and myself all enjoyed this quality family film, we all laughed hard and I liked the reprieve from squabbling.  It did start as soon as the film finished but whilst it was on they were completely captured by the story.

Two turtles are happily enjoying meeting the cute little hatchlings on a tranquil idyllic beach; okay there may have been a few pesky seagulls trying to get in on the action!  But that is much like most beaches I know.  But then they find themselves seized and carted off to a spectacular aquarium to be new exhibits there.

When Sammy and Ray find themselves on escape plan take 9 at the aquarium, two penguins are amused by the latest attempt as the friends make their way through the icy enclosure.  “Your plans are useless,” they say to the seahorse mob leader when they manage to get back to him in one piece.  Lots of tension between said seahorse and the turtles but thankfully the film works its way to a happy ending.

Little turtle hatchlings Ricky and Ella are so adorable and sweet.  Determined to bravely rescue their grandpa’s, whilst the whole time they are working hard planning their own escape alongside a motley crew of fish.  Some of whom seem quite happy to live there just for the food buffet, all come out in earnest for feeding time.  Although the majority are arguing over what there is to eat (much like feeding time at our house then!).

Well worth a watch, easy viewing for the whole family.  Available to buy for £10 from Amazon, you will be glad to have a viewing or two in your itinerary of summer survival!

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