Thursday, 4 July 2013

The urge to explore

I am getting my holiday cravings again, the need to escape our little community and explore the wider world!  I get cabin fever if I stay here too long, do not get me wrong it’s a beautiful area and a lovely place to raise children, but its nice to give us all some adventure and the opportunity to see new sights too! 

The only thing is this desire comes at a cost, so it does not work well alongside my aim to be debt free.  I cannot help myself though I have friends who like spending on fancy clothes, drunken nights out or nice new makeup, I just like visiting new attractions and introducing my boys to the world around them.  Although I could happily throw in a cheeky cocktail or two in my wish list of course!

Come on mum we have our wet suits ready for a beach holiday!

Maybe not a safari holiday, eldest is not too keen on the wildlife!

We have yet to take the boys on a plane journey so that will be our next aspiration.  But to do this I am sorely in need of some decent holiday deals.  We have our passports at the ready we just need to find an enticing offer!  I am going to keep searching and hoping we jet off to warmer climes.  Looking out the window and seeing the rain and grey gloomy clouds is enough of a motivation to sit at the computer and find our perfect holiday (at the best price!).

Finding a family getaway with is so much easier these days, you do not have to find a high street travel operator you can do everything online!  I like that, if I dragged my boys into a shop, they would be chucking brochures all round the place knowing my luck!  They would not sit patiently whilst I explained to the agent what I was looking for in an ideal holiday…

Then I just need to plan how to get them to sit nicely on the flight!  Any suggestions?

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