Monday, 15 July 2013

Time to GLAM up!

I have made some fabulous new friends and they are quite sophisticated with extensive wardrobes of floaty summer dresses and a penchant for the odd cheeky daytime drink!  I am quite happy to settle for tea and cake but I have been motivated to expand my teeny tiny capsule wardrobe (seriously I have so little choice I was glad to be re-using my Britmums sponsor T-Shirt from Tasty Little Numbers again and again!). 

It’s not strictly the cost that has put me off from expanding my wardrobe; it’s being pretty clueless to what is actually in fashion.  If I stick to my jeans and vest formula I cannot really go wrong, but all the same it’s not particularly pretty or feminine.  So to indulge the lovely ladies I think I might spruce myself up with a selection of gorgeous coast dresses and then I would not be letting the side down on their decadent playdates!

Just look at what they brought round the other day, a step up from what I am used to friends bringing with the usual Freddo bars, yoghurts and crisps!  

So whilst the children played nicely in the sunshine I did have a small little snaffle of wine.  After all it’s the school holidays soon it’s going to be manic!  Seven weeks of non-stop squabbling, I needed a little TLC and a extravagance for mummy for a change.  So the thought of new clothes AND the odd restorative glass of wine and summer seems a lot more bearable if not something to smile about… no early starts or rushing to after school clubs for ages WHOOP indeed!

If the heat continues I NEED to get my milky bottle legs out in the sun, I am too hot wearing jeans.  But it looks like my legs can get away with it in this dress; the model is quite pale and still looks stunning!

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