Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Zeamu Music CD

I had not heard of Zeamu Music prior to receiving my review CD, but having listened to the CD along with eldest and youngest I have a new appreciation for all the tunes on there.  We listen to CD’s quite a lot as we always seem off in the car on a long journey somewhere or other.  The journeys can be quite tiresome without decent tunes to wile away the time travelling.

Here youngest is getting his moves on:

Eldest had a better understanding of the lyrics whilst youngest just enjoyed the sounds the CD was making.  Usually they listen to chart music but sometimes it can be a little inappropriate for younger children, when they allude to naughty things!  Not that I am a prude but I would prefer they have something like this.  The messages within the lyrics were perfect for children four to 11; it is a welcome change from nursery rhymes (for me, not sure how many more times I can sing “baa baa black sheep”!) and a way to avoid mainstream pop until they are a little older…

Here is a video of youngest dancing like he has never danced before:

The writers and producers have worked alongside a child psychologist to ensure the content is age appropriate and relevant to the target market.  I think it helps support children dealing with bullying and friendship issues.  Songs that make much more sense to children than potentially romance and dealing with breaking up from each other!  More than once I have had to hurriedly skip past tracks on our usual CD as a few of the them are a little unsavoury in their use of language… but then I get a tantrum because they like that one!  With this CD I can let it play freely to the end with no such worries.

I think music is a great way to get children to burn off energy too!  So I am all for having the CD on lots to get them active dancing but am hoping some of the content will sink in and help them if they ever have to deal with the bigger issues.  Zeamu Music is bringing out a follow up CD later this year and put considerable time and effort into research to ensure primary school children will find the subject matter applicable to them.

Find out more at www.zeamumusic.com and make a purchase for £10.99

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  1. Helen Sims The good life mum2 July 2013 at 14:01

    love the video and that bum shake :) good stuff