Monday, 19 August 2013

A Eureka Moment

Hubbie and I tend to shop at the local DIY store, admittedly it’s nice to support the area you live in, but we have slowly realised that our loyalty comes at a cost.  We are paying well over the odds on some items we could order just as easily and a heck of a lot more cheaply online.  We live in the sticks so stores do not have to be so competitive; there is generally one of most things, so its not like you get great bargains with lots of shops trying to undercut each other.

Light bulbs are one essential item we seem to go through far too often!  I am trying to drum into the boys to turn off lights in rooms they are not using, but it rarely works, they love the novelty that they can now actually reach the light switch!  

They are proud they can do this without jumping or even going on their tippy toes.  We have lots of lovely new light fittings and they all need those fancy LED bulbs, so some of the lights the boys are leaving on have like four or five bulbs in each fitting!!!  So as you can imagine we need more than our fair share of light bulbs.

I think we have more interesting things to buy with our money!  Like therapeutic wine and chocolate for the evenings once the boys are sleeping or slowly building up an enviable holiday fund!  They say the small savings mount up, so we might as well start here.  One day the boys will actually listen to me, until then I am going to hunt around for the cheapest light bulbs going!  We did actually make some progress with an episode of Special Agent Oso who had a training mission about saving electricity and turning off lights and appliances, but it was short lived they were soon back to their bad habits!  Until the day (probably when they are paying for their own bills) they realise the importance of conserving power I shall shop around!!!  I wonder if I can get away with deductions from pocket money towards lighting ha.

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