Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back to School with Tesco

Tesco kindly sent me vouchers to review their school uniform range.  I was quite excited, as I am full of respect for Tesco uniform anyway.  Once I have found a decent brand I stick with it and Tesco has proved worthy of what my two throw at their clothes!  They like getting muddy, rolling down hills, wrestling and being over zealous in the sand and water pits!  But the only time I have had to replace Tesco uniform is when they have outgrown it.  Other than that, it’s proved good enough quality for constant washing and tumbling action.  The uniforms have not gone bobbly, they stay looking smart and my naughty tumbling habit does not seem to shrink them either!  The Teflon® fabric protector must be doing its job admirably.

I do tend to buy the uniform using the embroidery service normally, even then its quite good value and I like my boys having their school emblem on display for special events and official photographs.  It’s also nice knowing that I am doing my own little bit to help school funds too with a cash donation made on purchases from this service.

But when buying uniform without the emblem I was even more surprised how far my vouchers stretched.

The boys had t-shirts, jumpers, trousers, PE polo shirts and shorts and I could spoil myself with a lovely new outfit for their first day back!  Some of the items we picked had a “you buy one we give one” promotion, which was a very kind gesture; basically a child in Bangladesh will benefit from a complete school uniform with each of those labelled items I picked.  It is fabulous knowing I am making a difference thanks to Tesco.  The uniform is such a bargain anyway; I am impressed they can donate uniform on top of providing items at such a reasonable price in the first place.

I love the adjustable waistbands on the trousers, a huge help!  As often I find my boys need the length but then the waist can be too big, luckily it’s easy enough to adjust to size and avoid any troublesome trousers falling off situations with just their pants on display!

My outfit was also great value, sandals and a lovely dress for less than £40.  

It’s not long now until the boys return to school, I am grateful for Tesco getting me prepared in time.  To see the full comprehensive range for yourself head to their website.


  1. I always buy what I can for my children at tesco, which I find great value. Then I spend a fortune on all the logo stuff, including school blazers which costs an eye watering amount, just a shame I can't buy it all at tesco.
    I really like your dress, it really suits you.

  2. The styles that you both have picked is really awesome and your work is truly good in this.