Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Feeling run down

I have lost my mojo!  I have hit the summer holiday’s slump.  I am tired, I feel like collapsing in bed and not waking up for a good few months.  I am not sure why I am feeling it today more than any other, but it could possibly do with my epic fall earlier.  The floor was slightly wet, my slippers had no grip, I went flying which in itself may not have been too bad… except I was also carrying two beakers of lemonade!  The newly decorated hall is now delicately fragranced of lemons, but also as I could not use my hands to protect myself, I totally jarred my ribs when I made contact with the hard flooring.

I just want to collapse in a soft king size mattress and feel sorry for myself.  The boys did run over on hearing me fall, initial concern was for the wasted lemonade!  But then their caring instinct kicked in and I was brought toys to cheer me up and a treat to eat to make me smile again, although youngest offered it along the lines of “mummy would it cheer you up if I finish the last of your fudge”.  Lying groaning on the floor I was in no position to deny him, so off he trotted with the last of my cherry and vanilla fudge and a spring in his step.

Hopefully one day the boys tender loving care routine will involve more than bringing me toys and eating my treats.  Helping me off the floor would have been nice or offering to mop up the lemonade!  Surely two little beakers should not make so much mess.  Hopefully tomorrow I will not be so clumsy and drained!  An early night might be on the cards and a chance to snuggle into bed.  If I am lucky I can milk my injury and get hubbie to run around after me, bringing me nice cups of tea and a slab of cake.

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