Friday, 9 August 2013

Getting ready for our holiday

Eldest is starting to show signs of ditching the armbands; he is getting more and more capable in the water, thanks in part to a fabulous extensive week of swimming arranged by a local campsite and a new love and confidence in the water.  It is lovely to see after a very hesitant start to swimming.  The only thing is along the swimming journey he has developed a bad habit or two.  For one he likes holding his nose, trying to swim whilst doing this is quite tricky! 

So at swimming this week with my new blogging friend from we were trying desperately to get him to stop.  He said to me this morning if I got him some swimming goggles he would be okay, he would not need to hold his nose anymore.  I do not quite get the connection how something designed to cover the eyes will help stop his nose getting water into it, but if it convinces him to stop clinging onto his nose for dear life and only swimming with one arm then its time to check out the great swimming googles from Zoggs.

The Sea Demon Swimming googles look very novel with the hologram lenses, eldest thinks they would give him dinosaur eyes!  So he is quite keen.

The boys took a lot of interest in all the swimming toys their friend had, it encouraged them to play and splash around.  My youngest was happier then getting completely wet and also gaining confidence putting his head under the water.  With us going away next month to Portugal we need to make sure we are stocked up as I plan on spending most of our time in the pool!  If I bring with me a wide range of swimming accessories they won’t tire and complain to get out after five minutes.  The pool is free entertainment so we can make the holiday more affordable whilst continuing to develop their swimming skills.  Hopefully we will come back with two little boys who swim like fishes…

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  1. Was great to meet up last week and we really enjoyed swimming too. Hope the goggles trick works.