Saturday, 10 August 2013

HABA The Little Orchard Game

I did not realise HABA made games too and I must admit to being impressed from the start.

The board pieces for The Little Orchard are lovely; I especially like the design with adorable cherries, a cute little basket and a naughty raven.  It is quite a novelty having such nice pieces to play with.  The game itself is simple to set up and play; the boys (aged 4 and 6) had no problems understanding the idea behind it.  I have seen them since playing it on their own, which is fabulous to see. 

After playing we also followed the suggested variants in the instruction booklet, it is good that you can make it more challenging by moving the raven a few more steps closer to the tree.  Then the pressure really is on to pick the cherry cards first time, or at a push a sleeping animal but certainly not the pesky raven all set on pinching cherries.

My favourite thing about this game and here it differs from most others, is that you either win as a group (or depending on the how determined the raven is you lose as a group!).  But there is no arguing with my two about who came first, second, third and fourth.  We worked together on the game as a TEAM!  It’s nice to have a game that encourages co-operation rather than competitive play for a change.  Of course a little competition is all well and good, but sometimes family time is more rewarding when everyone is getting along!  So ganging up on the raven works for me…

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