Friday, 2 August 2013

Hedgehogs Summer School Review

With almost seven weeks away from school its nice you can turn to accessible resources to help educate your children at home.  I was offered a free Summer School end of year 1 session for eldest.  It is for children aged 5-6, so I thought it would be a great way to see if he is on target ready for starting year 2 in September.  It was priced at £14.99 but I just noticed it has been reduced to £9.99, I guess this is because summer is well on its way!  But for this bargain price your child still has plenty of time to make the most of the package (they can access it until the 30th of September).  Sessions go all the way up to preparing for Secondary school, so am sure it will help plenty of children out there.

The sessions can be quite varied with video lessons, learning games and of course the skill checks.  There is plenty in place to encourage children to want to learn more, collecting gold stars and working towards badges can be quite motivational.  

There is fun built in too to help with engagement, the different learning games in each maths skill being an incentive to keep progressing.

Both my boys liked the cartoons and the mole’s funny talking voice and as the parent I liked getting progress emails about how my son was doing.  As it happens I was sat next to him throughout his session, seeing how he got on, but for some parents that might not be possible, so getting those valuable updates about how they are doing would be quite nice.

I do like that it is a one off payment, so you know if you can afford it rather than having to think about rolling payments.  I thought the end of year 1 summer school, was a little basic for eldest, I think he would have been better suited to the end of year 2 test.  Having said that I have spent a lot of time going through workbooks and so fourth so he is already up to speed for his age but it was reassuring getting that confirmed in his results on here.  For £9.99 I think it’s a beneficial exercise just for that!  But if your child needs a little help, least doing the summer school will identify where and you can help support them before they head back to school.

If you want more information head to the website.

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