Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hey Presto!

What better start to the morning than with some more Dynamo magic!  Again he inspires people with his magic and then strolls off leaving us wanting more and feeling a little perplexed.  My boys on hearing the intro music always dash over, hoping to see another trick in action.  I say trick but I do not have a clue where the trick is, it seems like he is genuinely a powerful wizard fueled by Pepsi Max... 

Maybe that's the secret of all the great magicians regular top up's of Pepsi Max (note to self: add it to my shopping basket this week!).  Dynamo goes that extra step too, he does not settle with just magically producing a coin from his shoe oh no, he goes the whole hog and brings out a can of Pepsi Max with the coin already inside.  Watch the video closely and see what you think... personally I think you will all be heading off to the shop to invest in magical wands and Pepsi Max.  Perhaps rather than the likes of abracadabraizzy wizzy let’s get busy and hocus pocus it will be the word "Pepsi Max" that will be found in a magical dictionary and said in revered tones when producing the rabbit from a hat...

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