Monday, 19 August 2013

JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo

We were sent a bottle of this sweet smelling shampoo and a cute frog mirror and an easy pour jug to give JOHNSON’S® Baby Easy Rinse Foaming Shampoo a thorough testing.  With the mirror and the jug the idea was my two boys could happily wash their own hair.  

My boys are not always enthusiastic to bathe, but when they saw the new shampoo they had big grins.  It is so easy to dispense a sensible portion with a push down on the pump.  Without that helpful way to distribute the shampoo, they would just pour out LOADS!  Youngest especially does not hold back when using these kinds of products.  The gorgeous smell of the foam was another highlight.  I might have to pinch some to wash my own hair!

The shampoo was easy to rinse off, they managed it with the jug themselves.  I gave them a customary hose down just in case but they had done an excellent job themselves!  The foam is quite novel to style, we did some spikes in their hair.  My boys do not have a huge amount of hair each, but if your children had longer hair they could have even more fun with this product.  The foam stays put so you could experiment with a few different styles!

It is useful having mild products like this which encourage children to enjoy bath time, the styling element, the fruity smell and the lack of a residue when rinsing make it easier for mums and enjoyable for children.

I have been invited by the JOHNSON’S® Baby team to try their product and blog about it. They have sent me a free sample of the product and some additional bath time toys as a gift. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own

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