Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jungle Dogs Launch Event

It was exciting heading off to Knowsley Safari Park with my two boys and hubbie in tow.  We were all set and ready to sample a new chilled hot dog brand after hearing so many positive things about them.  Jungle Dogs are made with quality cuts of pork, naturally smoked and contain no artificial colours or flavours, so it’s understandable why I was so keen to get my hands on them for all the family!

At the event samples were presented to the array of mummy bloggers and children and I was impressed with the versatility of the product.  I was surprised how you could use it in so many recipes and in most cases with very little preparation.  My boys are always moaning they are hungry and if I do not present a proper meal in front of them quickly they will graze and graze until their tummies are full and I have no hope of squeezing in a meal.  But you can even eat these chilled straight out of the pack so pretty much an instant meal!

Youngest chomped on the kebabs, eating up tomato, cucumber and pepper to get at the hot dog pieces.  Even though normally he makes such a fuss when I try and get his vegetable quota down him.  

The love of Jungle Dogs certainly made my life that much easier.  So I am glad I have found hot dogs that not only do they enjoy but that also encourages them to eat other foods.  Eldest ate his Jungle Dogs wrap (complete with carrot, spinach and cream cheese) without a peep of complaint.  I could get used to meals like this, happy boys finally eating as they should.  This mummy is feeling decidedly less stressed come dinnertime now, you can feel the same if you keep an eye out for a later blog post with some recipes made from the samples we came home with in our goodie bags (which we loved, my boys look adorable in the onesies!).

The event had plenty for the children to do with star spotting (we had a celebrity guest amongst us in the shape of the lovely Tina O’Brien of Coronation fame!), the opportunity to grow their own chilli plants and plenty of interesting craft activities thanks to Grafix toys.  Then we had time at our leisure to see what Knowsley Safari Park had to offer, the Sea lion show is a must see, educational but hugely entertaining and the boys had a great time at the parks.

Thank you Jungle Dogs for a fabulous day.

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