Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Our HelloFresh Delivery

It’s hard to be inspired to cook when your tired and busy, obviously you want to eat well and enjoy your food, but you just do not always have the motivation or inclination to make something delicious and if your like me have a naughty habit of falling back on convenience food because you think its faster and less fuss. 

But I was surprised and impressed how quickly you can produce a delicious meal under the guidance of HelloFresh.  We were sent a three meal classic box; I love the variety of the meals.  They do encourage you to try different things and sample new flavours.  In an average week we would not have savoured Grilled Chicken with Coriander and Honey Infused Greek Yoghurt and Ginger Rice, Chorizo Penne with a Smoked Garlic Challenge and a divine cod meal.

The recipes were easy to follow with carefully broken down instructions, hubbie and I felt like real chefs (just minus the chef whites!).  Our HelloFresh delivery came complete with all the ingredients for the three meals.  

I think this is refreshing as there is nothing worse than buying big jars of herbs and spices just so you can try a new meal idea you want to cook.  It makes the cost of a HelloFresh order seem much more affordable, the one we were sent would have been £39.  I also have a fabulous discount code that will reduce it to £29, making it a real bargain.  You just enter SLEEP10 in the coupon section when checking out.  I think at that price its definitely worth trying HelloFresh for yourself.

Cooking with HelloFresh does help you get better at it!  It’s hard to go back to bland convenience food when you have had a taste for the finer things in life.  Food can be such an enjoyable experience when done right and HelloFresh know their food.  Look at the magnificent meals we had the pleasure of.

I liked having a booklet telling you how to care for the included herbs, to eat the seafood first; it is this thought and consideration that makes HelloFresh a wonderful experience from start to finish.  In our box we even had a sneaky bar of chocolate included that on its own was enough to get me in good spirits!  HelloFresh are happy to introduce their suppliers so you know the quality of the items you are receiving.  It is nice to know where the ingredients you are cooking with come from, which you cannot always say for the products you buy in your local supermarket.

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