Friday, 30 August 2013

RC Driving Plane Dusty Review

Planes are the next big thing, the boys are keen to see the film at the cinema, so they were thrilled to have this new toy arrive for their thorough testing!  The clue is in the title as it is a driving plane, it does not leave the floor.  The boys did not seem bothered in the least that it did not take to the air!  I was also quite relieved as last time we had one that did it was a little scary ducking constantly trying to avoid a collision as the boys let it fly erratically around our house!!!

With the play confined to the floor I do not need to employ someone from air traffic control to move into our house permanently, I can just enjoy watching the boys with Dusty, feeling a lot safer generally...

Dusty is a sturdy model; even with floor play he has had a few collisions, they like turbo speeding him into a door or wall on a regular basis!  But he has hung onto his handsome appearance and still works after lots of heavy handed play.  

I did draw the line at the boys launching him down the long flight of stairs, just in case!  But he may well have survived that too, I just happened to find them before operation tumble steps happened!

Aimed for children 4+ the remote control is very easy to hold and handle.  The boys manoeuvre their friend dusty like pros.  The remote is lightweight so not a struggle for them.  He is a little pricey at £49.99, but for fans of the film it will be a lovely treat or present.  I do like how his propeller at the front goes round when he starts driving faster or turns.  Their is a flying sound effect, but this can be turned off if you enjoy quieter play in your house (especially in the EARLY hours, 6am is not my ideal time of the morning!).

Available to buy from the website.

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