Saturday, 31 August 2013

The great outdoors

Today we had a picnic lunch and afternoon hike, lots of greenery to admire, the odd bug to debate about, but I was impressed we had no moaning about tired little legs!  My boys must be building up their stamina as they walked and walked for AGES.  It was so lovely and peaceful an idyllic retreat from the bustling place we call home.

We nearly had our walk cut short after coming across swarming wasps!  Fortunately they got bored and we could pass safely!!!  I enjoy our boys having lengthy walks as I hope it helps them sleep well!!!

Youngest liked the wasp nest because we got past it safely; I think he liked the adventure and drama of it all!  He was very brave.  Eldest loved the views and admiring the world from a high.  A good thing for mummy and daddy it was free entertainment!  It kept everyone happily occupied and only cost the contents of our lunch.  

Time with the special boys in my life is so precious!


  1. Lovely pictures - if that is where I think it is, it's a big old hill so well done boys.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time, we are also enjoying spending time outdoors! :) x