Sunday, 22 September 2013

A fashionably late Roald Dahl Celebration

As a child I grew up surrounded by Roald Dahl books, I loved nothing better than curling up and reading for hours.  I would finish a book in a sitting, but its no surprise really with such fascinating tales filled with “interesting” characters.  You just want to see how the story will turn out and my boys seem as absorbed as I ever was.  I am glad my love of Roald Dahl has passed on to them.  Eldest sometimes looks at reading as another chore, but I did not hear one grumble when he started to read the likes of “James and the Giant Peach” and “George and the Marvellous Medicine”.

Roald Dahl day takes place every year on the 13th of September and Debenhams are honouring the great storyteller by sending us some fabulous pyjamas for the boys to get cosy whilst we got down to reading more of the Roald Dahl greats.  

I love how the tales are sprinkled with magical shrinking potions, tyrant grandmas, herds of seagulls carrying epic sized fruit and so many more random things!  Roald Dahl must have been an amazing father with such a powerful imagination.

The pyjamas were perfect for my two, with Cut the Rope (£13) for youngest and Angry Birds (£16) for eldest, bedtime is never boring with nice new bedtime wear and remarkable books.  For branded character pyjamas I think they are priced reasonably and they were very comfy to wear.  You can see more of the Debenhams pyjama’s and night wear on their website, there is a wonderful selection to suit all the children in the family.  There is nothing quite like snuggling into bed wearing a snug pyjama’s and it certainly helps with relaxing for sleep.

Very apt with "deliver candy here" message on the front, youngest is a sweet seeking machine!

The Roald Dahl compendium was a real treat as some of the books I must have missed as a child.  So I am looking forward to catching up on any adventures I overlooked when growing up!  The only danger I have now is that the boys are keener than ever to make marvellous potions and that shows no sign of stopping after they relished hearing all about George and his misadventures!  The boys have been inspired so I will just be extra careful when accepting any “drinks” off them from now on…

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