Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back from holiday

A full write up about the amazing Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel will follow shortly but just to say we are back home, in case you wondered when I disappeared briefly from facebook and twitter.  I have been busy swimming and sunning myself to post updates!  A much needed rest from the computer, with automatic posts taking care of my blog.   

It was the first flight for my two boys; it went okay as I think its quite stressful travelling on a plane with relatively young children in tow.  

Previously my excursions abroad were much simpler, I would sit enjoying a book in peace, perhaps have a little alcoholic beverage or two!  Then perhaps turn around and see what all the commotion was when children were screaming and whinging… well now it’s my turn to get involved with that side of things!!!  It’s certainly an eye opener.

I had to pack books, colouring, multiple snacks and games, anything to help distract them during our flight; I have never known 2 and a half hours to drag so long.  Actually packing in itself was a new challenge; fitting in all those much-needed activities for entertaining was a bit of a squeeze for our poor rucksacks.  I think next time (actually am I brave enough to consider NEXT time already!?!) I will get one of those hard flight bags everyone seemed to have!  Rolling around on wheels seems much easier than carrying the boys extensive collection to avoid boredom on my poor back!  Plus the novelty of wheels might mean they get involved as they enjoy trailing the case behind them…

I will shop online at direct luggage and have luggage to be proud off.  Our battered case and bags did not quite cut it at our exclusive resort.  We probably stuck out like a sore thumb with everyone else having only the best line in luggage!  Although I am grateful for my mum letting us use her cases, without her kindness I would probably have had to pack everything in plastic bags!

Bah with affordable Samsonite luggage surely I can blend in with the rest of them!  One gentleman at the resort did mistake my much cheaper sunglasses for ray-bans.  

So perhaps if I swish my hair around and drag along my new case I can be a jet setter too and forget for a moment about the stresses and strains of the return flight and round two of yet more entertainment for my boys!  Hubbie in the meantime had a nap...

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